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Do I have to confirm location services in the app?

You can use the app without location services, but several features will be disabled, such as finding users in your vicinity and seeing their distance from you.

Can I use my old account on Atraf?

Atraf is a brand-new app and requires re-registration. Therefore, you can’t restore or access your previous user’s old content.

Do I need a phone to register?

Yes. The profile is connected to your phone number, used for registration purposes only, and will not be published. After registration, you may add an email address as your login. Signing up by phone increases the level of security in the app.

I have not received a message on my device with a registration code; what should I do?

At times, due to a messaging overload, messages are delayed. Please wait a bit. If you still do not receive the message – you can contact us via the Contact Us link.

Can I access the app on my computer (browser)?

Currently, you may only access the app on your phone app.

What happens if I lose my phone?

You can log in to the app from another device if it’s the same phone number. If you don’t have access to your old phone number - you can recover your account using the email address you entered in your account.

Keep in mind that chats are stored on your device only; the loss of your phone can lead to the loss of your chats.
You can back up your messages on your personal Google Drive to restore them in case of loss or replacement.
Your backup can be done using the Backup link in your user menu on the app.

Can I access the app from any country?

Currently, Atraf can be used only in Israel and will later be accessible in other countries worldwide.

Is there a fee to register for the app?

Using the app as a regular subscriber is free of charge. Subsequently, special features will be added with an additional fee.