Where can I find information about the parties and tickets?

At this point, Atraf is back in the dating app version only. Additional features will be subsequently added.

How do I back up my personal chats?

You can back up your messages on your personal Google Drive to restore them in case of loss or replacement.
Your backup can be done using the Backup link in your user menu on the app.

Can I publish promotional content in the app?

Promotional content of any kind cannot be published in the app. Posting ads may result in your account being blocked.

Why wasn't my photo approved?

The photo you uploaded may not meet the guidelines for uploading a photo:

You must own the rights to the photos you upload.
Offensive/racist photos are not allowed.
Sexually explicit content is not allowed.
Photos with promotional content are not allowed.
Photos with minors are not allowed.
It is forbidden to upload photos, implying the user is offering paid services.

How do I upload a private photo?

At this point, all photos uploaded to the profile page are public photos. You can send unlimited additional photos in personal conversations with other users.

Will a user know that I’ve added a reminder for them?

No, your reminders are personal; the other user will not know that you’ve added a reminder for them or their content.

Will a user know I’ve added them to my favorites list?

The other user will only know that you’ve added them to your favorites if they’ve added you to their favorites as well, in which case you’ll both get a match notification.

I have a suggestion for improvement – who may I contact?

You many contact us via email at support@atraf.co.il