How do I delete my profile?

You can delete your profile in the app’s user menu by selecting “Delete Profile.”

If you want to freeze your profile so it will not be displayed temporarily, select “Freeze” from your user menu.

Do you retain my information?

The only information we keep on file is the public information displayed on your profile, phone number, email address, and public photos.

Moreover, all your personal information in the app, such as your private chats and photos sent in messages, is stored only on your device and not on our servers. To back up your chats, you can do so in your personal Google Drive by clicking on the Backup link in the app’s user menu.

If I use the app on a new device - are my chats saved?

Since chats are only stored on your device, losing your phone can lead to losing your chats.
You can back up your messages on your personal Google Drive to restore them in case of loss or replacement.
Your backup can be done using the Backup link in your user menu on the app.